How I am using Free Trade to learn more about investing.

One of my goals for this year is to learn more about investing, it is something that I have wanted to look into for a while but I have been nervous. I am worried that I will loose a lot of money which would put me off.

That was until I found Free Trade. I have been using Free Trade for a while now and I have loved this app, I use the free share referral offer to learn more.

This blog is showing you how I use Free Trade referral offer to learn more about investing, I am not providing any investment advice for you to follow.

!Quick disclaimer! This blog post will include a referral link that will allow myself and the person who uses it receive a free share!

What is Free Trade?

Free Trade is an investment app that allows you to invest in stocks and shares you can use a free general investment account (I use this account) or you can pay for their Investment Plus account. You can also get a stock and shares ISA through the app as well.

They are an award winning app with an amazing customer service team to help you. The app itself is very easy to understand, one of the reasons that I love it!

I find the whole world of investing confusing and this app has made it slightly easier to understand.

Free Shares offer:

I have been using Free Trades referral program since October 2020 and I have loved it! I deposited £2 in October and as of Monday 22nd March 2021 I have £309.21 in my investment portfolio which is amazing!

When someone uses my link we both receive a free share, and I either keep them and let them grow or I sale them and buy more.

For me using this referral program has helped me play around with investing without losing any “real money”. I am slowly learning what stocks to go for and when to keep them and sale them.

I know I still have so much to learn, I am sure someone who is a pro at investing cringes when they see my stocks! But for me I have made a profit and each week I share my link on Instagram and get more free shares.

At some point this year after I have some more money put away in my emergency fund, I would like to start depositing my own money each month to invest and increase my net worth.

If you are interested in Free trade and using their free share referral program follow the link bellow:

Free Trade Link: >

To get the free share you need to:

  • Download the app using my link
  • Select the FREE General Investment Account (GIA)
  • Deposit £2
  • Fill out the form and other profile questions
  • Wait 6-10 days to receive the free share
  • The free shares are released on Wednesday

Once you have received your free share you can either keep it and let it grow, sale it and withdraw the cash or sale it and buy more shares. The free shares are worth £3 -£200 so in theory you should make a profit on the £2 you deposit! And once your profile is all set up you can share your referral link with family and friends to earn even more money.

So I will be sharing my journey when it comes to investing over on my Instagram so why not join me.

Do you use free trade? Do you like it? Let me know!


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