Paid online surveys apps (Side Hustle)

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

In this post I will be talking about paid online survey apps that I use for my side hustle income.

Not sure what a side hustle is? Check out my post from yesterday where I explain all.

Why do I use online survey apps?

I use online survey apps to earn some extra money that I can add towards my moving house savings.

I do online surveys at different times throughout my day, I even do some whilst I’m at work on my break. For me its an easier way to earn extra cash whilst going about my everyday life.

Survey apps that I use:

I use many different apps, in fact I have 21 apps downloaded on my phone to help me earn extra money. I know a bit excessive!

But some of these apps take too long to earn a decent amount of money for me to be able to cash out. So I made a list on my top 5 apps that I use daily and that allows me to cash out after only earning a couple of pounds.

I have added links so that you can check them out if you wish. I have never had to pay a penny to use any of these companies for downloading them. They pay you by transferring the money into a PayPal account, so if you do not have one I would get one as you need it in order to be paid.

The downside of survey apps:

Unfortunately, with every good point about survey apps there are some bad points.

A lot of these apps can decline you from taking part in surveys, it took me a few weeks to even be accepted for a survey. But I stuck with it and now I am earning more money then ever. My advise would be check in a few times a day, when you first download the apps and you will start to get accepted.

If you rush through the questions in the survey it will decline you as well, take a little bit of time when answering the questions as they do monitor the way you answer.

There may be times when your job title, age, gender, spending habits etc may not be what that survey requires. So they will decline you, but do not worry the app will update itself and will make sure that in future it asks you questions related to your life.

Is it worth doing paid surveys?

I love doing paid surveys, on my nights off I sit with a glass of wine, whilst watching TV and I answer some question whilst relaxing. Sometimes I do them for a few hours and other times I only do an hour a day. For me it is worth spending the time doing them as its extra money towards my house deposit savings.

‘DISCLAIMER’ you are not going to earn hundreds of pounds doing these paid surveys as some websites suggest. Most apps/sites pay 50p to £1 per survey, depending on the length you can earn much more. In a month I can earn an extra £50 -£100 depending on how much time I have invested completing them.

So if online paid surveys sound like something you would like to try, click on the links attached to each app and download them and give them a go! What have you got to loose?

I hope this post has explained a little bit more about how I use surveys to help me save money.

As always if you have any questions please ask 🙂

Make sure you follow me on social media as I often post about my earnings and any new apps that I have found and like.




Hannah xxx


7 thoughts on “Paid online surveys apps (Side Hustle)

  1. I’m new to the budget life. 🙈

    But would you need to declare this income for tax? 🤔

    Sorry, I’m a worrier 😂

    Thanks! x


    1. Hello! Not at the moment. I don’t earn a full time wage on this side hustle, it’s only little amounts. So I believe I don’t have to declare it. 😊 I’m the same actually 😂


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